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Story By Hannah Lester / Photos By Robert Noles

Grab a glass, enjoy some wine and relax in one of Lee County’s most charming spots – Downtown Opelika – for this year’s On the Tracks event on Oct. 9.

“On the Tracks is really a unique wine and food event that’s been a staple of our downtown for a long time,” said Ken Ward, director of Opelika Main


Normally, On the Tracks is an event that allows guests to make stops all throughout the city in different businesses to sample wine and cheese.

“It’s an opportunity to enjoy various different types of wine from around the world in our beautiful downtown atmosphere,” Ward said. “We have a beautiful, historic downtown and this is a great way to enjoy it while also enjoying some good wine.”

Thanks to the coronavirus, however, this year’s event will look a little different.

“This new format we’re looking at is doing more of a table-side format so it’ll be all outside on South Railroad Street and people will actually be able to sit socially distant at round tables and they will have their wine brought to them through the night,” Ward said.

Of course, the Opelika businesses will still be involved, even if guests won’t be getting their wine inside of Envy Salon or 10,000 HZ.

For instance, all the sampled wine is available for purchase in Ampersand Wine Bar, Ward said.

“So if you find something you love and you’d like to take it home you can always go purchase it there after the event,” he said.

Ward said that although things are different, Opelika Main Street still wants to involve the businesses as best it can, though there are kinks to work out since social distancing must be enforced.

Next year, Opelika Main Street plans to return to normal, as most hope life will too.

“We’re going to be returning to the normal format once all this is over next year but this is kind of a year where we know it’s different,” Ward said.

Although many things are different, Opelika Main Street is bringing something new to the event as well. This year, experts will be on hand to discuss the different wines, Ward said.

“So they will be able to talk to the attendees about the different types of wine and be knowledgable about the types of wine,” he said. “So we’re really looking forward to bringing that new aspect of this event as well.”

Each year there is live music and food trucks, so that guests don’t go hungry while sampling their wine.

“It’s a great way to enjoy time with family, friends and coworkers or whoever else you’d like to bring to the event,” Ward said. “It’s a great date night and it’s just a unique opportunity to enjoy some good wine, some good food and some good music.”

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