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Story By Hannah Lester / Photos By Katelyn Nelson

Some people begin to read for the goal of reading and lose the love of books. Others take up running and find that soon it is more of a chore than a joy.

For Katelyn Nelson — she wants to make sure that her art remains a passion.

“It is really something I love to do in my free time,” she said.

Nelson has been creating for over 10 years; she shares her work on a Facebook page (Art By Katelyn Nelson – Yellow Heart Art Studios).

However, while she has some sold work — Nelson prefers to think of art as a passion project, rather than a business, she said.

She started Yellow Heart Art after 2020 when many people had more free time for hobbies.

“I actually started with Facebook and I created a great little following, just friends and family, just to share some of my projects I’ve been working on,” Nelson said.

But unfortunately, the account was hacked — so a new page was just begun this past year.

Mostly, with her art, Nelson said she gifts it, rather than selling it.

“I do a lot around the holidays,” she said. “And I do a lot for friends and family based on where they are in their lives, and what may inspire them or where they’ve traveled.”

Nelson said she enjoys painting mountain ranges, sunsets and silhouettes.

But often others enjoy things they are familiar with, such as Smith Mountain.

She currently has a painting of Smith Mountain in her home that was done in tribute to a friend who passed away; Nelson said this is one she wants to hang onto, rather than give away.

“People are really familiar with the pine trees, and Lake Martin and things like that and so people immediately recognize it from there,” she said.

Nelson prefers not to sell her art.

“I just don’t want to take the joy away from it,” she said. “And so right now it’s truly, like a true hobby for me. It’s something that really I enjoy and I want in the future to be able to continue to enjoy that. If it grows, great, you know, I never complain about growth.”

Nelson encouraged new artists to paint or create what they enjoy.

“Go with what comes easy to you, and kind of lean into that,” she said. “Because that’s really where you’re going to find true joy in what you’re creating and know that it has no limits on what you do.”

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