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Bursts of Sun

Beehive Sunflowers is ready for its second successful year operating in Loachapoka. The sunflower farm opened to the public last year, boasting ‘pick-your-own’ sunflowers, strolls through the tall stalks and plenty of photo shoots to go around. There are sunflower...

Starstruck For Space Camp

Most of us will only ever dream of going to space — floating in zero gravity, eating strange space foods and seeing the world from new heights. As I sit here listening to David Bowie’s “Life on Mars,” I think we all wonder at some point or another what it would be...

Growing Something Good

Swing by O Grows Community Garden and you might see high school and middle school students planting herbs, or residents tending to their plots. You might see children playing with pet goats. On Saturday mornings, you can see local farmers set up their tables to sell...

A Worldwide Opportunity

Maybe as you pick up this magazine and flip through these pages, you’re on your way to watch The World Games. The games are being held July 7 through 17 here in our state — in Birmingham. And, if you happen to pick this magazine up after the games are over, then I...



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